Grey Matter Bay lets you voice your opinions and thoughts on issues that matter to you. It is the polls site for 21st-century citizens of the web!

How it works


At the heart of Grey Matter Bay are polls. We've drawn from our experiences using and building poll software to create a simple yet powerful tool that just works. We've implemented the best features that result in a transparent system and provided an intuitive interface, free for everyone to use.

For starters, anyone can view polls and their results, but to vote, one must create and verify a Grey Matter Bay account. While this is not foolproof, it helps curb unruly behaviour and produce better results.

In addition, each account can only vote once in any given poll. Only one choice can be selected and opinion cannot be changed afterwards. Also, results for polls remain unavailable until a user votes in them or until the time for voting ends. Again, while not foolproof, this attempts to ensure that the choices of voters are not influenced by others.

Grey Matter Bay provides easy to digest poll results — percentages, votes and a simple visual to enable quick comparison of percentages. While we value elegance, we also strive to provide quality insights as we are well aware that our users may want to make decisions based on poll results.


Polls are great! They provide a lot of information at an overview. But most of the time they're not enough for some. We usually want to know why so many people think this or that, or just outright dispute public opinion. That's where discussions come in. And discussing is as easy as starting a topic or making a comment.

You can start a topic under any poll on Grey Matter Bay. Topics create the framework for discussing issues concerning what a given poll is about. Users can comment on topics to share their views. While simple, it provides a powerful way to communicate thoughts — your votes, but also your words, count!