Formal education and the Developer

Poll: Is school important at this point?

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Here's an excerpt from an argument about formal education and devs (from DevCenter's Square, a Slack group for developers):

[guy1]: "It's interesting to note that majority of recently​ posted gigs require Bsc. level education, so what happens to Hnd/Ond holders who have grown themselves in tech.
Cause actually even as a Bsc. its not​ like you learn anything bout real-life dev' in school, so sup with our companies sef, Thankfully a lot of us still navigate our paths without a cert, but such would affect dev's trying to get main stream jobs but are say poly graduates and the like..."

[guy2]: "in my experience. nobody even cares if you went to school. the main question is can you deliver??
sometimes HR personnel just copy requirements without developer input, but its still same developers that interview.
if you feel you meet all technical requirements, just apply"

[guy3]: "It can have visa/work permit implications. I had to jump hoops to get a job in Ireland as I have no degree or diploma. Easier for the employer if I had had a degree.
Also it’s bad for hiring women who don’t have male (over) confidence and treat requirements like a recipe not a shopping list."

What are your thoughts?

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