How come NetBeans is not here?

Poll: What's your best text editor for web development?


Sublime Text may be light and really cool. But plugins on sublime are shitty to me. NetBeans plugins have helped me a lot to identify some very shitty errors like excess curly brackets on my php script.

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I included the more popular text editors.
Funny though how you like NetBeans for its error corrections. I hate it for that. I prefer to see errors when I run my code, not when I'm still typing. Pisses me off!
Also, when you correct the error, it takes time to remove that annoying squiggly line. Probably my slow PC but it can make someone go nuts! You correct an error but the red line doesn't go and so you're wondering what you're doing wrong until the line clears off. I'm vexed already just by talking about it.
Sorry for the rant...

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