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Topic: It's battery🔋 issues

I've read from several sources that the problem is with production of batteries for the model 3. Unfortunately, that's probably the most important component of a EV. What do you think they can/can't do about their current predicament?
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Topic: How come NetBeans is not here?

I included the more popular text editors. Funny though how you like NetBeans for its error corrections. I hate it for that. I prefer to see errors when I run my code, not when I'm still typing. Pisses me off! Also, when you correct the error, it takes time to remove that annoying squiggly line....
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Topic: We're not considering disabled people in this poll

I know there are people who have one disability or the other and cannot speak at all. We're not considering such people.
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Topic: Facebook explains React's license

React has been relicensed to MIT.
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Topic: Formal education and the Developer

Here's an excerpt from an argument about formal education and devs (from DevCenter's Square, a Slack group for developers): [guy1]: "It's interesting to note that majority of recently​ posted gigs require Bsc. level education, so what happens to Hnd/Ond holders who have grown themselves in tec...
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Topic: 7 ways the iPhone X copies Android phones Please read the above article and comment objectively... Gracias!
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Topic: Interesting answers on Quora
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Topic: Do bad guys even watch movies and play games

All them kidnappers and ritual killers, do they watch movies and play games? Besides, I've only heard of 1 or 2 cases where someone murdered a person/people due to influence from movies/games. Unless you're a kid or have mental issues, I don't think violence in movies or games are anything to worry...
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Topic: It's quite surprising how Nigeria, a football-loving country doesn't support/watch NPL

Tell me if I'm wrong, but Nigerians don't do Nigerian football. I know what you're thinking. Yes, the football is not great. And we don't have the stars. And we don't have the infrastructure. But football is football. Is there some special reason why Nigerians don't do Nigerian football or am I...
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Topic: Call me a hater but AY's movies are crap

See Nairalanders' review of A Trip to Jamaica. -- Judging from people's comments, the movie was "very poor". Poor story, poor acting, poor quality (audio) etc. 🤷
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