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It's battery🔋 issues

Poll: The Model 3 is really behind schedule. Is the product doomed to fail?

I've read from several sources that the problem is with production of batteries for the model 3. Unfortunately, that's probably the most important component of a EV. What do you think they can/can't do about their current predicament? - Mr Robot
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We're not considering disabled people in this poll

Poll: Is it possible for an adult human being not to know how to speak any language?

I know there are people who have one disability or the other and cannot speak at all. We're not considering such people. - Mr Robot
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Formal education and the Developer

Poll: Is school important at this point?

Here's an excerpt from an argument about formal education and devs (from DevCenter's Square, a Slack group for developers): [guy1]: "It's interesting to note that majority of recently​ posted gigs require Bsc. level education, so what happens to Hnd/Ond holders who have grown themselves in tec... - Mr Robot
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7 ways the iPhone X copies Android phones

Poll: Is Apple a copycat or what? Please read the above article and comment objectively... Gracias! - Mr Robot
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Interesting answers on Quora

Poll: How did Daredevil survive in Defenders S1? - Mr Robot
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Do bad guys even watch movies and play games

Poll: Can violent movies/games make one violent?

All them kidnappers and ritual killers, do they watch movies and play games? Besides, I've only heard of 1 or 2 cases where someone murdered a person/people due to influence from movies/games. Unless you're a kid or have mental issues, I don't think violence in movies or games are anything to worry... - Mr Robot
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It's quite surprising how Nigeria, a football-loving country doesn't support/watch NPL

Poll: Which Nigerian Premier League team would you support, if you had to?

Tell me if I'm wrong, but Nigerians don't do Nigerian football. I know what you're thinking. Yes, the football is not great. And we don't have the stars. And we don't have the infrastructure. But football is football. Is there some special reason why Nigerians don't do Nigerian football or am I... - Mr Robot
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Amazon and Co are coming for African startups

Poll: What can Nigerian and African startups do to stay in business amid rapid expansion of international tech world powers?

This scenario has been playing in my head for some time. Feel free to criticize. Although what I'm about to play out is still a good number of years ahead, it's important to consider. Amazon has its eye ATM on Asia. The market is very large and ripe. Although there are forces that resist. A couple... - Mr Robot
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Please add a WHY to your vote in the discussion

Poll: Who is/has been the best Nigerian President?

Please let's know why you chose any of the Presidents. And with facts and figures! G Bless. - Mr Robot
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Is Tecno crushing on Google Pixel or what?

Poll: Which is the highest selling smartphone brand in Nigeria?

Seen Tecno Spark Plus K9 and Tecno Camon CX? They look so much like the Google Pixel. Tecno why? - Mr Robot
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